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Hypnotherapy for weight loss

We all want to look good and feel good but some people find that their lifestyle is preventing them from achieving their weight loss goal. I often hear; “I don’t have time to cook healthy meals, I snack because I’m hungry or I’m too lazy or shy to exercise, or I eat when I’m feeling emotional”. Many of my clients have tried all the latest fad diets and regularly summon up the willpower to join a gym. This often results in short term success, but the problem is always sticking to it and sadly the initial buzz and determination rarely lasts long term leading to re-gaining the pounds plus a few extra for good measure as the old habits return.

The problem with Weight Loss and diets

If you are struggling with weight loss, one of your problems might be ‘yo-yo’ dieting. If you’ve fallen victim to this repeatedly your mind expects you to fail, even before you start, because you have failed to lose weight so many times before.

Dieting and the focus on losing weight is also part of the problem. Going on a diet indicates that it is a short term measure instead of a permanent lifestyle change and your subconscious mind will have been programmed since birth to enjoy gaining and winning and dislike losing.

That’s right you are being sabotaged by your subconscious and there is a simple solution.

The permanent solution to successful weight loss

Instead of trying to summon up ‘willpower’ to achieve your goal you need to find a new way of thinking and behaving around food and exercise that will enable you to enjoy working towards maintaining your new lifestyle and forming new habits.

The Spence Practice weight loss programme is tailored to your individual needs to help you think like a thin person and form positive, healthy habits that last a lifetime. "You will benefit from my wealth of experience of helping thousands to achieve their goals over the last 20 years. You will find the process supportive, motivating and focussed on achieving your personal goal as quickly as possible."

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