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Ex smokers

Chris from Hove has Successfully Stopped Smoking 

I'm extremely pleased to say I've not smoked for roughly a year now, I had that little blip at the beginning when I came to see you again for a refresher session you offered me and have not looked back since.

I've turned into a bit of gym fanatic and have managed to get my strength and fitness to a level I always hoped I would do, I've started my kick boxing again and am really enjoying that, I also have a six a side match with the lads once a week which I love and am playing the game sensibly not trying to win everything like the 110% lunatic I used to play like to help avoid injury recurrence which touch wood has worked so far!  

My son Jimmy was born just under six months ago and hugely thanks to you I've managed to act out numerous times my subconscious dreams I had under your hypnosis of walking with him in my arms along the seafront or in a park with my girlfriend, being able to carry him for as long as I want as my upper bodies so strong now and my cardio is through the roof.

As a non smoker I don't get asthma any more or ever out of breath like I used to and those moments I have regularly nowadays that I dreamed of during your sessions are just so joyful and fulfilling as I've managed to achieve that goal as I say hugely thanks to your good self and my own will power. 

I can't thank you enough for the excellent service you provided me with which helped me so much in making smoking a thing of my past and enable me to look forward to a fit and healthy future. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you so thanks again mate. 

Chris Vango, Hove, Brighton, Sussex 

I won't ever Smoke Again Garry from London

I was a heavy smoker and smoked consistently from the age of 13. I enjoyed smoking and it helped me to relax. I had never given up before but using willpower and going ‘cold turkey’ didn’t work for me. My brother had stopped smoking a few years previously with Andrew’s help and so he recommended I try The Spence Practice stop smoking method which included hypnosis.

I honestly think that I won’t ever smoke again and know that I couldn’t have done it on my own.

I only had 2 sessions of therapy within a 10 day period in April 2011 and incredibly I haven’t smoked since! I couldn’t have done it without Andrew’s help for which I will be forever grateful".


Garry Henderson, London 

I will never Smoke again Matt from Brighton 

I just wanted to say thank you. I’ve been an ex-smoker now for 3 months and every day I get stronger and more and more convinced that I’ll never smoke again. I’ve never been able to say that in the past and actually mean it. I know it was up to me in the first place to make the first move and make the decision to stop smoking but I couldn’t have done this without your help

My Mum keeps asking the question “What did he do to you”? I’ve tried to explain but it’s not a simple, one sentence answer. I liked the follow up letters and the laminate card. It all felt like I hadn’t just been your income and that I had you there if things started going wrong. I just think the whole programme is amazing, and it is the whole programme that makes it work. All the small things adding up to make one huge kick in the ass for that nasty horrible drug habit.

I am going out running 3 – 4 times a week. I’m not stressed any more. I cope with work and problems calmly and quickly as I don’t need to light up before I can deal with it but, my biggest conquest is what was my biggest fear of life as an ex-smoker and that was drinking. I can drink at home or the pub with friends, family or my girlfriend without any problems at all, which is ASTONISHING. In fact I feel like such a different person I’ve registered as a donor so I can go and give some of my nice clean, healthy, unpolluted blood on Friday evening. I can’t wait!!

Matt, Brighton, Sussex


Neil fromBurgess Hill 

Well, I was definitely the heaviest I'd ever been. Driving a taxi didn't help. Over about eight years my weight had crept up by about over thirteen stone.“To be honest, at 29½ stone, I saw myself as a bit of a novelty within my group of friends and I played up to it. I drank to the point where I would fall over lots, do stupid things and generally not remember anything the next day. As well as drinking too much alcohol I'd eat rubbish food whenever I was bored, and on the job (driving a taxi) that was quite a lot. I wasn't getting any exercise, even though I love sport. I'd pretty much given up on the idea of doing anything.”read more

Corinne from West Sussex

I am very happy with the results of sessions. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and current size becoming ‘roomy’ also I hardly ever fancy chocolate (my previous downfall). I have told my Doctor about my course with you Andrew, and he is impressed as my once slightly high blood pressure is now normal! – Corinne 

TMfrom West Sussex

At first I was really apprehensive and thought that the programme would not work for me. I was wrong! It has been a real journey and a revelation, not only have I continued to lose weight but I feel so much better about myself. Keep up the good work Andrew – we need you! - T M

Inger from West Sussex

Have now been empowered to be in charge of my eating habits and have so far dropped one dress size. Going to the gym 3 – 5 times a week and enjoying it. For me, this has certainly been a life changing experience, so just keep up the good work. – Inger 

Wendy from Worthing

More positive outlook on life, a change in general eating habits, I’m now eating more healthily, taking more exercise and losing weight slowly. Mood swings are less frequent. Generally more confident. – Wendy

VM from Brighton

I have lost one and a half stone. I am feeling healthier. I have more energy. I have more confidence. (For me I do not like long drawn out processes – you constructed a plan to suit my individual personality) – VM


Wayne from Brighton

I was referred to Andrew by a work colleague who had seen him a number of years ago. Due to an anxiety attack suffered on take-off of a flight around 14 years ago, I was suffering with a phobia of flying. 

I attended a free initial assessment with Andrew and wasn't sure what to expect. He immediately put me at ease and we talked in a simple manner about why I had my fears and Andrew explained his process. At the end of the session Andrew suggested I would need three sessions to improve my confidence and be able to fly.

 There were three different methods undertaken to help with increasing my confidence, firstly by providing me with techniques to cope with anxiety and to stop it controlling aspects of my life. Secondly to work on the psychology of my fear and change the memory and the way it made me feel. In the final session we covered methods to improve my personal confidence and feel positive. Andrew also provided a CD I could listen to which would help me to relax and also re-inforce the sessions.

We agreed that I would book a flight early in the process to give as much time as possible to 'get used to the idea', and also book sessions accordingly. I booked a flight from Gatwick to Edinburgh, around an hours flight.

On the day of the flight I was initially quite nervous, but I used the techniques I had been taught to control my breathing and also build my confidence.  As the time of the flight approached my anxiety reached its peak, but I maintained control. Pre-flight I mentioned to a stewardess that I was a nervous flyer and they said they would keep an eye on me.

Eventually the plane taxied and prepared for take-off. As the plane accelerated and lifted into the air, all my nerves left me and I felt very calm. The plane levelled off and I actually managed to enjoy the flight.

The return flight was a very different experience, I was relaxed throughout the whole process and didn't need to use the relaxation techniques at all. The landing was a bit bumpy, but this only caused fleeting mild anxiety, but soon passed.

The work Andrew and I did in the sessions was a complete success and helped not only with improving my confidence in flying, but also in other areas of life, and challenged me to do other things I wouldn't generally do, such as go on fairground rides.

I would happily recommend Andrew to anyone looking to make positive changes in their lives and conquer their fears.

Dave King (East Sussex)

I had a rather rough few months for various reasons. Being a businessman, landlord and trying to keep any kind of social life is tact is very draining. One day many years of stress finally took its toll and I suffered a mild panic attack while out with friends for dinner. It became a regular occurrence and along with it came a severe case of 24/7 anxiety. It was very scary at first until I finally knew what it was. I thought there was no way back and this is how I was going to be for life. Unbearable. I found Andrew online and found his videos interesting so went to see him for his assessment and quote.

Looking back at the assessment day, I was a complete mess and it is hard to believe things were that bad. Through Andrews vast experience he knew what to do, there was no rush and we took regular breaks. He then provided me with a quote which I accepted. At first we met on a weekly basis, we discussed my previous week, what had happened, how it had happened and how I had felt. In short, Andrew reprogrammed me through approaching activities in my life in a different way. My anxiety was mostly to blame for my logical thinking being all messed up and everything seemed to be a problem with no solution. One of the turning points in my health was when Andrew changed my way of thinking about problems I would be anxious about and making me think about them as challenges. This was great for me as my life is full of challenges that I have been used to dealing with - running an business, selling, looking after tenants etc. As the weeks went on we spread the visits out more until my last few sessions were a month apart where I was feeling so much better.

I now wake up every day without the fear factor as I know everything in front of my has a solution. I would recommend Andrew to anyone with any of the issues he displays on his website.

Its good to talk....

Jemima from Brighton (who had a fear of driving a car)

"My car!! I've had her for just over a month now- I commute daily to work and have even thrown in a couple of random journey's taking Fi to and from her rugby matches. Driving is amazing!! Thank you so much for all your help in getting me to this. It's changed my life".

Jean from Worthing

"Having suffered from claustrophia all my life I was finding it increasingly difficult to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings, especially if the room was very dark. I had several panic attacks over the years when waking up suddenly somewhere strange. Anywhere dark such as a cinema caused me anxiety. The London Underground was a problem, and sleeping in a tent was very stressful.  As my husband travels extensively for work and I like to go with him, this was becoming life limiting. I had several appointments with Andrew and together with a very useful CD my anxiety now seems to be under control. I can travel on the London Underground without fear of a panic attack, and recently I slept in a tent for the first time in 20 years without any trouble at all. I actually enjoyed it which was amazing!  Thank you Andrew for all your help." Jean

Chris from West Sussex

“I came to see Andrew about 3 years ago, almost out of desperation.  I was always pretty worried about seeing the dentist and shortly before I came to see him I had to change my dentist due to a retirement and this increased my anxiety.  I was also always against the concept of ‘hypnosis”, in fact only a few years before, I stopped smoking permanently without any help of any kind, so I knew that ‘mind over matter’ worked.  Yet I was unable to ‘pluck up courage’ to face the dentist’s chair, and endured days of anxiety as I approached the inevitable day whenever I had to more 

Louise from Brighton

“I used to suffer from regular panic attacks which were usually triggered by fears that my stomach would let me down as I had an irritable bowel. I had my first panic attack when I was taking AS exams. I would avoid the cinema and other crowded places and avoided travelling on trains and coaches and any unfamiliar situations. I used to take beta blockers to control the anxiety and immodium to settle my more 

Melanie from Hove

A few months ago my identity was 'Melanie who is frightened of dogs' - this would have been an understatement as my phobia was so ingrained from childhood that it was how I saw myself and others did too. Just the thought of being in the near vicinity of a dog of any size would bring me out in a hot sweat, with accompanying palpitations and if I knew a dog would be at a social occasion, then I would more

Evey from Brighton

"I thought you might like to see some feedback from the perspective of the client's partner. Since seeing you over the last few months I have seen an amazing difference in my partner's demeanor, her confidence and the support she is able to give me. She has seen people before in a number of guises but never with this level of sustained success. She is doing great and is able to recognise the signs when she is slipping into a negative or critical frame of mind. Not only is she happier but the knock-on effect is that i am happier, which further strengthens her mood and subsequently our relationship. Feel free to use this testimony to pass on to others who need your skills and experience", regards Evey

 Pat from Brighton

“When I came for therapy I was desperate for a solution to my problem. It was wonderful to speak to someone who not only understood my problem, but had the time to listen and a solution. I have regained my confidence and not had a panic attack. Should I have one in the future I will know how to deal with it.” Pat

Matt from Brighton

I visited Andrew on a number of occasions over the last few months, to prepare for my impending wedding and speech. I had been dreading this ever since my engagement nearly two years before, and knew I needed some sort of professional help as I'd always been very nervous in front of people!

The sessions were interesting, relaxing, and more akin to a friendly chat rather than 'therapy'! Each session ended with some hypnotherapy and I always left feeling confident and upbeat.

On the day of the wedding, I still didn't know how I would react at the moment I had to stand and deliver my lines, but to my surprise, I felt quite relaxed. When it came to it, the words flowed easily with apparently (so I'm told) no sign of nerves! The whole day was a fantastic experience.

Andrew's sessions without doubt gave me the self confidence and belief I needed. Thankyou! Matt



Karen from Southwick

“I just wanted to let you know that, since having therapy with you last year, I have come a long way. The improvements I have made in dealing with different situations are great and I am altogether a more confident and happier person. I have a lot more patience and enjoy life a whole lot more by dealing with things a step at a time and taking everything in my stride. I'm really looking forward to what 2009 has to hold. I usually hate new year and find it incredibly depressing but this year I feel totally the opposite and feel extremely positive about it. Thank you so much for your help and support.” – Karen

Dan from Brighton

"I'm doing better than i ever imagined 2 years ago! I have got a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm, and am charging through life again. I have the odd stressful time, but play the session you gave me and use the techniques you taught me, and I can cope with it all. Thanks again for your help - it was completely invaluable!"Thanks Dan 


Vee from Sussex

“Things are going really well. The CDs really took the edge off things and have allowed me to get out and start building up my confidence again. Practicing with the hypnotherapy CDs has calmed me down enough to start getting control again. I am now grabbing every opportunity with both hands, just because I've realised it makes me feel better!

So anyway, thank you for your help. I think I am well on the road to a more confident me, now I know everything challenging I do, the more confident I become! Tomorrow I am going for an interview for a job more ambitious than I've ever been to before. I will be taking exams, taking part in a group assessment and doing an interview, something I wouldn't have been so positive about before. I am actually looking forward to it, because whatever happens, at least I did it! Thank you for your help.” – Vee

Kevin from Shoreham

I visited Andrew at The Spence Practice because one of my hobby’s is playing golf and I wanted to improve my performance. My weakness at golf was ‘putting’. When I explained my difficulty in ‘putting’ the golf ball into the hole and my thinking around this issue it became apparent that this was a symptom of a more significant challenge in my more


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