What is Life Coaching?


Whereas therapy is about helping people find solutions to specific problems, coaching helps you to unlock your potential in order to maximise your performance and assists you in achieving your goals. Instead of teaching or instructing you how to do it, it is about helping you to learn. A good coach is a master at asking incisive questions and actively listening to the answers before formulating the next question.

The word coach has always been associated with the world of sport but there are different types of coach and some are more like instructors than coaches. For example, the terminology used in tennis circles is usually coach whereas the equivalent in skiing would be called a skiing instructor.

The G.R.O.W model of coaching

  • Goal – It is difficult to start any journey if you don’t know the destination. So the first thing your coach needs to do is to establish what your goal is.
  • Reality – The next step is to clarify the reality of where you are now in relation to your goal.
  • Options – Step 3 is to explore the various options available to you in respect of how you get from where you are now to where you want to be.
  • Way Forward – After weighing up the pros and cons of each option a decision needs to be made as to which direction to take and a plan formulated for achieving your goal.


Incremental ‘marginal’ gains

Instead of attempting immediate transformation in performance Andrew’s style of coaching focuses on taking ‘baby steps’ by looking for small percentage improvements in every aspect of your life and he encourages and supports you in developing a mindset that seeks to continually improve.

This approach builds a solid foundation and helps you to become more emotionally resilient so that you can deal with life’s setbacks. The compounding effect of making these small percentage improvements, week in and week out creates amazing results in helping you to fulfil your potential.

People are like acorns, which contain within them all the potential to be a magnificent oak tree. What you need is nourishment, encouragement and the light to reach toward to become that oak tree and that is what good coaching can help you to achieve.

The benefits of coaching & therapy combined

Andrew’s blend of coaching alongside cognitive behaviour hypnotherapy is a powerful cocktail for changing old beliefs, breaking old habits/addictions, stopping smokinglosing weight and improving performance. This combination also helps to boost your confidence and motivation whilst helping you to fulfill your potental.

You will learn to think more positively, to feel more relaxed and to act more confidently and therefore become more successful. However, you need to be aware that both coaching and therapy is a 2 way process which means that you have to take action and although the results may be magical there are no magic wands.

The 'tools' of the trade

Andrew utilises various different therapy and coaching techniques under the umbrella of Solution focussed therapy to help you to achieve your goals. These 'tools' include CBT, hypnotherapy, life coaching and Neuro Linguistic programming. If you have a question about his approach please submit your details in the box below.      

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