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If you think it will be difficult to stop smoking then it will be. Despite what you think stopping smoking is easy when you have the right mind set and prepare properly. What is not so easy for many smokers is keeping it up, and falling back into the smoking trap!

If you have to utilise willpowerto stop it indicates that deep down, in your subconscious part of the mind, you really dont want to quit permanently. Many smokers say that “its like there are 2 parts of me. One part wants to smoke and the other doesnt”.  

Therapeutic hypnosis has proven to be the most effective stop smoking method when compared with nicotine replacement therapy and willpower. However, 20 years experience of helping thousands of smokers to quit has taught me that this is only part of the solution. Thats why I have developed a comprehensive smoking cessation programme, which includes hypnotherapy, to help you stop for good!

To stop smoking permanently there are three different aspects to be dealt with:-

Withdrawal how to come off nicotine without physical side effects.

The behavior – to change the behaviour and break the habit without cravings.

The emotional how to stop without feeling anxious, stressed or depressed.

If you dont deal with all 3 of these its like cutting off the tops of weeds without pulling the roots out.

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