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Brighton hypnotherapy

Brighton hypnotherapy provides solutions to behavioural, emotional or psychological problems? If you want to

head straight to the page which will provide you with more detail about the solution that’s right for you.

If you are unsure if your condition can be treated at The Spence Practice please submit your question in the box below and you will receive a prompt reply.

The Benefits

The Spence Practice is forward looking and is based on what is happening in your life now and what you want to achieve in the future. This ensures a quick resolution, because there is no need to 'dig and delve' in to your past.                                       

If you are overweight or suffering from depression, stress or anxiety you will benefit by becoming

  • more relaxed
  • more positive
  • more confident
  • happier
  • energised
  • healthier


One of Andrew’s clients described her experience as “a complete re-education of the mind”.                                                     

Free Initial Assessment

When you are ready to take that next step you can register for a free initial assessment by submitting your contact details in one of the boxes below. This assessment takes approximately 30 minutes and will enable Andrew to assess your needs and the history of your problem.

From this information he can explain what his approach will be and which ‘tools’ he is likely to use in order to help you achieve your goals, and he will provide you with a quotation.

Andrew is based in Brighton & Hove and if you are not in Sussex he can provide this assessment via Skype.

What to do now

Register for a free assessment by submitting your details in the box below or if you prefer call 01273 509793 or email 

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